BAZK Berlin stands for bold, raw jewelry, handcrafted with heart and soul by Angela Gomez & Bert van Wijk. Silver and Gold meet natural stones in an organic yet architectural way, emphasised by the emotion and traditional, ancient techniques we apply in the creative process. Strong geometric shapes infused with the beauty of imperfection, a fine balance between chaos and order, is what defines our jewelry. This constant conversation between control and accident sets each and every piece apart from the rest.

With a background in fine art and sculpture Bert draws inspiration from brutalist architecture to create strong, minimal, geometric shapes. In a constant search to express as much as possible with the materials we use, Angela turns these shapes into magical pieces of jewelry.

Blood, sweat and tears get poured into the collections we create, and we want each piece to last for generations to come. We are responsible for the world of our children, and are convinced that the only way forward is by consuming consciously. Express yourself by choosing high quality products which are fair and eco-friendly produced. To ensure our pieces meet these expectations we choose to create every piece ourselves by hand in our Berlin studio.

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Hallmarking our jewelry
Jeweller lighting a torch for welding silver