Our Roots

It all began with a vision to redefine contemporary jewelry, to break away from the ordinary and create something extraordinary. Coming from backgrounds in Fine Arts and Goldsmithing, Bert van Wijk and Angela Gomez founded BAZK Berlin in 2013.We sought to create wearable art that was singular and distinctive, without gender, age or trend, just a symbol of self-expression that could be passed on from generation to generation.

Creating Conscious Beauty

At BAZK Berlin , our story is one of passion, creativity, and more and more a deep commitment to shaping a world where beauty and responsibility coexist seamlessly. That's why our aim is not only to just craft jewelry; we curate a movement—a movement that marries avant-garde artistry with sustainability.

In our studio, every piece we create is more than metal and stones. It's a conscious choice, a commitment to the environment and a celebration of creativity. We meticulously handcraft each piece using recycled metals, fair-mined gold, and lab-grown stones, ensuring that every creation tells a story of sustainability and responsible luxury.

A Symbol Of Individual Expression

Our jewelry is more than a statement; it's a symbol of self-expression. Each piece is a unique talisman, a fusion of art, style, and a commitment to values. We believe in the power of individuality and our creations are designed to reflect the beauty of being unique.

Personalized Ceremonies

We craft jewelry as unique as your journey—celebrating commitments and marriages. From personalized engagement rings to bespoke wedding bands, each piece authentically reflects your story, making love tangible in every detail.

Embrace Complexity

The use of texture is a key element in our designs, allowing us to play with the dichotomy of rough and refined surfaces. This intentional juxtaposition unveils layers of meaning, providing a visual journey that extends beyond the surface of each piece.

Our designs draw inspiration from the intricate balance between chaos and order. Each piece reflects the dynamic interplay of seemingly opposing forces, creating a visual symphony that captures the essence of both spontaneity and structure.

At BAZK Berlin , we believe in the art of complexity. We create jewelry that goes beyond the surface, embodying a depth of emotion and thought. Each piece is a canvas where opposites coexist, inviting you to explore the intricate narratives woven into our designs.


As we craft each piece in our Berlin studio, we envision a future where our jewelry becomes synonymous with conscious luxury. Our goal is to inspire a global movement—one that celebrates individual expression, embraces ethical practices, and harmoniously coexists with our planet.